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Case studies

AEP has partnered with many startups over the years. They believe in the power that these young companies bring to the table, helping AEP to provide better solutions and insights to their customers. See below for some of the teams we’ve worked with.


GridCure uses data to optimize energy strategy and improve smart grid operations. They are working hard to bring about a sustainable energy future through increased connectivity and communicative electrical networks. Their mission is to build a platform that helps electrical utilities leverage their smart grid data to make better operational and financial decisions by transforming their data into valuable analytics and actionable insights.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma has partnered with GridCure to develop the Blink Module. This solution leverages AEP’s smart meters to track and report momentary outages, or blinks.

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Howz helps families look out for one another. The system learns the person’s daily routine, such as when they brew their morning coffee and when they prepare a meal. If the Howz system senses a change in someone’s routine, they notify a family member so they can check on their loved one.

Howz is working with Public Service Company of Oklahoma to test the system.

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JadeTrack, winner of the US DOT Smart City Challenge, provides a cloud-based software platform that empowers organizations to maximize energy efficiency and long-term sustainability by combining automated utility bill management, ENERGY STAR facility benchmarking and real-time monitoring.

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Kisensum now ChargePoint

Kisensum is a startup working to make it easier for smart technologies to work together. Their software makes it possible for products like electric cars and battery backup systems to work together more efficiently.

Since the launch of our partnership, Kisensum was acquired by ChargePoint, one of the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, which provided an opportunity for AEP to open conversations about the future of the electric vehicle charging network.

AEP Ohio is currently helping them figure out how charging stations for electric vehicles can work with their energy efficiency software.

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Kyte Works

Kyte Works offers an electric vehicle charging solution, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to level two charging. They handle the installation and maintenance for a low monthly fee. In the past year, Kyte Works has partnered with several automotive dealerships in Central Ohio to create a low-cost sales channel for the new service.

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SHARE runs on a platform that manages riders, drivers, vehicles and operations. They use data and machine learning to dynamically create the best routes, while assessing the latest real-time drive routing information to maintain on-time arrival and departures. They maximize utilization of vehicles by filling more seats and operating throughout the day. By analyzing this data and sharing it with Smart Cities, they are building the future of technology.

Cities with active shared transportation will be the first to utilize self-driving cars. SHARE is working with communities to accelerate the programs, demand and trust of autonomous transportation.

AEP has partnered with SHARE to help our employees improve their commute while reducing traffic and pollution. Let SHARE worry about rush hour traffic while you make the most of your commute.

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